Monte Carlo Restoration Part 2

This is the inside floor, completely stripped to the metal. Only a small portion of the drivers side had to be replaced. 

You can also see the new spot welds where the rocker was replaced by an NOS piece.

Primed in DP Epoxy. Note on the right side where the original A/C hole was converted to Non-A/C

The original firewall. Note again the A/C hole. Both front body mounts needed to be replaced.

The smoothed and primed firewall.

Hard to make out but this is the left side quarter panel removed along with the inner and outer wheel wells removed. The inner wells are being reproduced (same as Chevelle) but the outer well needs to be created from a Chevelle piece. It wasn't easy but its done.

The new quarter in prime. New GM metal is the only way to go













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